Do you find it curious that 2 of the key FAA people who informed United in 2015/16 that the airport did not require Level 3 slots and you could “trust” FAA to intervene if the airlines did what we knew they would and did, BOTH NOW WORK AT UAL and one of them who actually came to EWR with the report “proving” the increase was acceptable in delays is now the UAL ATC Strategy and Capacity expert.

If you want the real story, your missing the political part with the port Auth and it is as old as politics itself.

In addition you may want to understand that the lack of use with Runway 11 for arrivals (29 only helps with departures) is something can be brought back closer to 2004-2008 levels or even 2015 (2014 had another runway rehab project). But it requires some things that are just not present in the current environment.

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My feelings towards EWR resemble Stockholm syndrome, so I'm sure there will be more posts on the topic in the future! Thanks for some directions to explore. (What do you make of some instances of a 4R, 29 | 4L at 42-48 AAR in historical data? Thought it might be typo, but wind angle supports use of 29.)

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Apr 28, 2022Liked by Tim Donohue

4R and 29 have been tried. In good weather (ceiling above 3K and vis 5+) you still have to apply some form of intersecting/converging separation. The days of guess-work and "hoping for the best" are over.


Real data needs to run solutions to quantify, predict, and optimize EWR runway use. Over.

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